products Crux-O-Matic Foundation

Sometimes deeper and stronger roots are what a tree needs to stand a storm. Sometimes a stronger foundation is what decides the destiny of the structure. Sometimes Just having the right tools and building blocks at your disposal is all that you need to get started and achive a state of flow.

At CruxOMatic we’re all about enabling and empowering you to have these building blocks and tools at your disposal. Here are some of the basic tools and foundational building blocks that CruxOMatic provides out of the box:

Authentication and Authorization framework
Multi-tenancy framework
Workflow Engine
Administration Framework
Base architecture you can adapt (optional)
Underlying Validation and UI components like easier validation controls, bread crumbs, calendar controls, search controls etc.
Centralized Configuration
Scaffolding for faster development
Centralized Logging
Centralized Exception Handling
Model View Presenter Implementation that you can adapt (optional).