products What Is Crux-O-Matic

Fundamentals are the building Blocks of Fun. While building CruxOMatic we were focused on building a strong foundation which gets the fundamentals right for your application so that you can have fun focusing on building your applications. Fundamentals, are indeed the building blocks of Fun.

Simply put, Crux-O-Matic is an application framework for ASP.NET applications that provides base level foundation to build your web applications on top of; so that you can focus on building your application without worrying about the foundational aspects that are common accross most applications.

The Logic behind Crux-O-Matic is to take the typical Crux of any business application that is written and re-written each time you start a web application and to provide you with a base framework that you can use to build all your applications on top of.

Crux-O-Matic has quite literally been used in dozens of enterprise application development projects and products ranging from banking to insurance.

Whether you are building a small application or the next big enterprise project, there is no reason why you should have to start from scratch and redesign every small aspect of your application. While Crux-O-Matic provides you a solid foundation to build on top of it provides you countless hooks for customization and altering it’s behavior not tying you down to any specific architecture of form of development.